Systems designed for death

A horrific story in The Guardian, on the killing of millions of chickens at an egg factory in Iowa, and the subsequent employment termination of most workers.

That there’s an acronym for this operation is chilling. “Birds at Rembrandt were culled using a system known as Ventilation Shutdown Plus (VSD+) in which air is closed off to the barns and heat pumped in until the temperature rises above 104F (40C). “They cooked those birds alive,” said one of the Rembrandt workers involved in the culling.”

Indifference then to the workers asked to undertake this operation. ““After it was over, we were told to attend a meeting. We walked in. There was a big stack of yellow envelopes. That’s like showing a knife to a chicken. You know what’s going to happen next. We worked ourselves out of a job.”

A picture of a system designed to blithely impose both literal and social death.

stomach churning. What do you even say to this. We’re subsidized by so much suffering.

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